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Ten Years, Ten Trends

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Das Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future an der University of Southern California hat den vierten Digital Future Report herausgegeben. Auf 105 Seiten gibt es umfassende Informationen zur aktuellen Internet-Nutzung. Und auch hier sind 10 Jahre Internet ein Anlass, den Zahlen 10 Trends voranzustellen. Eine interessante Beobachtung sei kurz zitiert:

„For the past 50 years, Americans’ time at home has been dominated by television. Increasingly over the last 10 years, Internet users have “bought” their time to go online from the time they previously spent watching television – and, we emphasize, that time spent online seems to have little negative effect on other personal and social activities, such as time with family and friends (page 76), exercise, sleeping, and hobbies. And, the more experience users have with the Internet, the less television they watch (page 46).

This trend is the same in all of the 16 countries that have produced data about television and Internet use that are in the World Internet Project, which is coordinated by this center.

The social impact of such dramatic change could be extraordinarily deep. What will happen as a nation that once spent an extremely large portion of time in a passive activity (television) transfers increasingly large portions of that time to an interactive activity (the Internet)? This continuing shift will have a broad range of ramifications, probably affecting every aspect of American culture, the economy, politics, and social behavior.“
USC Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future, September 2004 (pdf)
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