Jochen Robes über Bildung, Lernen und Trends

A Return to Centralized Learning

„Education functions in multinational organizations have been decentralized to a large extent. The strategy was to stay close to the customers of the learning programs and provide training programs targeted to learners’ unique needs. As a result, most international enterprises support a number of internal training organizations, arranged by business unit, country and geographic region. Additionally, learning organizations are segmented by the target audience they support.

Until now, little to no financial information has been available within multinationals regarding overall investments in learning and its effectiveness for the enterprise. Additionally, there are significant overlaps and redundancies in the courseware and curricula developed and delivered through many different training groups.“

Die neue Generation von Learning Management Systemen, so der Autor, erlaubt wieder eine mehr strategische Sicht auf Weiterbildung, indem sie Learning, Competencies, Tracking und Business Impact system- und prozessseitig vernetzt. Aus dieser Perspektive ist es ein fast selbstverständlicher Schritt, auf ein zentrales LMS zu setzen.
Nick van Dam, CLO, August 2004
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