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The Power of Informal Learning

Warum rückt informelles Lernen mehr und mehr in den Vordergrund? Unmittelbarkeit und Relevanz, so der Autor, sind die Vorteile, die Lerner schätzen. Die häufigsten Formen des informellen Lernens sind E-Communities und die Kollegen im Arbeitsumfeld.

„E-communities, often called communities of practice, are made up of threaded message boards, frequently asked question (FAQ) Web sites and chat environments. They have existed under the radar screen of most training programs for years. Many have grown to have huge followings of subject-matter experts (SMEs) and super-users. Most vendors offer some form of these Web sites. It is time for CLOs to recognize these communities and start including them in their learning offerings. Many could be created, hosted and tracked through an LMS.“
Bob Mosher, CLO, Juli 2004
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