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Learning From Disappointment: When Learning Solutions Fail to Deliver

„Learning solutions are routinely implemented with the promise of delivering results. Too often, the results are disappointing. While the factors creating the lack of success are varied, they can usually be grouped into 10 familiar categories.“ Die 10 Gründe, warum Bildungsmaßnahmen scheitern, sind nicht neu, so dass ich hier nur auf einen hinweisen möchte, der in ähnlichen Aufzählungen häufig vergessen wird:

Failure to Recognize Non-Learning Solutions
… Too often, learning is perceived as a solution for a variety of performance problems when it is not an issue or it’s only a part of the solution. Attempting to solve job performance issues with learning is a major problem when other factors such as reward systems, job design and motivation are the key issues. To overcome this problem, the learning staff must continue to focus on methods to analyze performance rather than conduct a traditional needs assessment.“

Jack J. Phillips, CLO, Juni 2004
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