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E-Learning Strategies – Embrace or Eschew?

Es ist vor allem die Einleitung, die meine Aufmerksamkeit geweckt hat:
„As part of the groundwork, I’ve started by asking myself is e-learning really so special and different from what we know about pedagogy and student learning that, instead of viewing it as an integral part of a learning and teaching strategy, it requires a special strategy all of its own? In this article I’ll consider a few of the arguments for and against before moving on to contemplate what an e-learning strategy could/should include.“

Brauchen wir eine spezielle e-Learning-Strategy oder eine Learning Strategy, die e-Learning einschließt? Das Letztere! Inhaltlich und strategisch! (via Stephen Downes)
Derek Morrison, Auricle, 26 Mai 2004
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