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Last minute proposal submitted for E-Learn 2004

Nein, das Proposal ist nicht von mir, sondern von Sebastian Fiedler. Es hat den Titel „Moving to a distributed model of learning and facilitation: The catalytic role of personal and collaborative Webpublshing technologies“ und bringt die aktuelle Diskussion sehr schön auf den Punkt:

„Traditional instructional models within higher education are evidently insufficient to meet challenges of learning and working within the new information economy, mainly due to the primacy of the teacher in micro-managing learning goals and processes. The advent of the Web has leveled information access and status, and in the past few years, numerous informal communities of practice have emerged that sustain and develop within different frameworks of learning and facilitation. One example is the community around personal and collaborative Webpublishing technologies and practices.“
Sebastian Fiedler, Seblogging, 1 Mai 2004
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