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Thousands flock to download “Theory and Practice of Online Learning”

Vor 7 Wochen haben Terry Anderson and Fathi Elloumi von der Athabasca University in Kanada das Online-Buch „Theory and Practice of Online Learning“ veröffentlicht, über 454 Seiten „free-to-download“ (mehr hier). Seitdem haben mehr als 11.000 Interessierte diese Arbeit heruntergeladen!

Die Herausgeber freut’s: „According to Anderson, sharing online expertise in an open source project like “Theory and Practice” is one way Athabasca University can say thank-you to the people who have provided funding over the years.
“There’s that sense that a public university and an open university has more responsibility to be public and open and share its resources,” he said, adding that Athabasca University benefits as much as anyone the exercise.“
Die Leser sicher auch! (via Stephen Downes)
Athabasca University, 15 April 2004
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