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Knowledge management as a doughnut: Shaping your knowledge strategy through communities of practice

Knowing is not merely an individual experience, but one of exchanging and contributing to the knowledge of a community.“ Vor diesem Hintergrund sieht Etienne Wenger Communities of Practice (CoP) als „the cornerstones of knowledge management„. In diesem Artikel führt er aus, wodurch sich CoPs auszeichnen:

Domain: „The area of knowledge that brings the community together, gives it its identity, and defines the key issues that members need to address.“
Community: „The group of people for whom the domain is relevant, the quality of the relationships among members, and the definition of the boundary between the inside and the outside.“
Practice: „The body of knowledge, methods, tools, stories, cases, documents, which members share and develop together.“

Auch zur Frage „bottom-up“ vs. „top-down“ gibt Wenger ein Statement: „The most successful communities have always combined bottom-up enthusiasm and initiative from members with top-down encouragement from the organization.“ Und dann wäre da noch das „doughnut model of knowledge management“ …
Etienne Wenger, Ivey Business Journal Online, Januar/ Februar 2004 (pdf)
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