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Dan Saffer: Why I Blog my Postgrad Course

Dan Saffer belegt einen Postgrad Course in Interaction Design an der Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh – und bloggt seinen Kurs (odannyboy). In diesem Interview erzählt er von seiner Motivation, ein Lerntagebuch zu führen, seinen Erfahrungen und darüber, wie ihm das Bloggen hilft, Informationen zu reflektieren und zu strukturieren.

How has blogging helped your learning? (Really, do you learn anything new? Does your perspective change? Can you recall any such learning episodes?)
Dan: Like almost every other student, I take notes, furious notes, during class time. I spend a lot of time with my laptop open in front of me, typing away. I don’t get a lot of synthesis and analysis time. That’s what the blog is for. I use it to rewrite my notes, and in doing so, I reconstruct what I’ve learned for myself.

Maish Nichani, elearningpost, 25 Februar 2004
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