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Changing Perspectives: From Individual to Organizational Learning

Via Jay Cross habe ich einen interessanten Artikel gefunden, dessen Autor versucht, dem Begriff „Organizational Learning“ neues Leben einzuhauchen.

„The competitive strength of companies and even countries is now tied not to physical resources but to the knowledge and skills of people. And these people do not work in isolation within companies; they work in teams, informal groups and in multiple roles. Human talent works better in teams (de Geus, 2004). In this changed environment, there needs to be a way to discuss cumulative learning among individuals in teams, communities and organizations. There needs to be more emphasis on organizational and not just individual learning.“

Zwar ist der Begriff des „Organizational Learning“ seit der Veröffentlichung von Peter Senge’s „The Fifth Discipline“ 1990 bekannt. Doch erst jüngste Diskussionen um Human Capital Management, intangible assets und ein effektives Knowledge Management, so der Autor, haben „Organizational Learning“ zurück auf die Agenda des Managements gebracht. Sehr interessant!
David C. Forman, Internet Time Blog, 13 Februar 2004
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