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Building Better Learners


„Better learners“ sind hier „self-directed learners“ – und in diesem Zusammenhang greift der Artikel einige interessante Stichpunkte auf, u.a. die Bedeutung einer „offenen“ Unternehmenskultur sowie die neue Rolle von Bildungsmanagern und Trainern. Dazu:

It’s an awareness of how they [Training Professionals] can provide more choices to the learners and serve as a resource for learning as opposed to an information-giver,“ says Guglielmino. „It really is almost a completely different mindset. And there’s a threat there as well, because they may see themselves as threatening their own role; if they’re promoting SDL, then what happens to the role of the trainer?
(via elearningpost)
Holly Dolezalek,, Januar 2004
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