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Predictions: E-Learning

However, when it comes to the e-learning industry, no one can deny the important strides that were made in 2003. Advancements standards specifications and subsequent adoption have led to major increases in the extensibility, interoperability and scalability of e-learning technologies. Tools are easier to use, learning management systems (LMSs) are in place and catalog vendors have consolidated to just a few players.

With that in mind, I hereby put forth my top five e-learning trend predictions for 2004:
– Customer e-learning courseware will gain enterprise importance.
– Outsourced e-learning will be the model or choice for corporate buyers.
– Buyers will spend more; strong vendors will thrive.
– Simulations will prove to be the premier choice for compelling training.
– On-demand e-learning technology services will go mainstream.“

By the way, der Autor ist Mitarbeiter von DigitalThink, einem der größten amerikanischen e-Learning Anbieter.
Reed S. Gaither, Darwin, Dezember 2003
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