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„Ich bin ein Berliner …“


Peter Isackson aus Paris, langjähriger Besucher der Online Educa, hat eine ausführliche Zusammenfassung der diesjährigen Konferenz geschrieben. Die Lektüre lohnt sich!

Let me be brutal. Online Educa Berlin, which has just finished, is an interesting conference, offering a rich and diversified panorama of what people are actually doing with eLearning. But more than that, it’s now an essential one for those of us here in Europe and probably for a lot of others around the world. Though a long-standing member of the Advisory Committee, I have no vested interest in the event, and admit that this year, for the first time, I thought I could live without what had become a pre-Christmas ritual and duty. I agreed only at the last minute to chair one of the parallel sessions. And although I still think a number of significant (and less significant) things can be done to improve the overall quality and pertinence of the conference, if I’m to judge by the comments of the participants and my own renewed impressions, I have to congratulate the organizers on their impeccable performance. …“
Peter Isackson, Didaxis, Dezember 2003
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