Jochen Robes über Bildung, Lernen und Trends

How to Maximize the ROI of Learning

Und noch einmal IBM, und zwar 18 Minuten und 29 Slides. So lang dauert diese Präsentation. Wer sich für das Thema „Bildungscontrolling“ bzw. „Evaluation“ interessiert, kann hier einen spannenden Ansatz verfolgen.

In this compelling presentation, Dr. Dean Spitzer describes how learning can become a source of significant and verifiable business value – rather than just overhead or a cost of doing business. Dr. Spitzer describes how companies can re-engineer their approach to learning to achieve Maximum Total ROI. He makes an important distinction between the ‚business benefits (or content) ROI‘ and ‚delivery system efficiencies,‘ and explains how companies can realize both. Dr. Spitzer shows how organizations can achieve high bottom-line Total ROI of Learning from their conventional and e-learning investments – not just cost reductions. You will leave this presentation understanding what your company needs to do to realize the full business value of its learning investments.“
Dean Spitzer, IBM, 24 Januar 2003