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Learning Communities and Learning Networks

George Siemens plädiert für einen radikalen Kurswechsel in der Weiterbildung: Weg von strukturierten Kursen und Programmen, hin zu Learning Communities und Networks:

I sincerely believe that communities and networks are the future of learning. Course and programs will continue to face pressure to adapt … and institutions that fail to grasp this reality will be unable to continue to meet the needs of learners.“

Der Artikel enthält einige weitere interessante Gedanken (z.B. „When an employee leaves a company, he/she should be able to take the personal learning portfolio along as proof of past learning.“). Allerdings werden Unternehmen nicht der Eigendynamik von Learning Communities vertrauen, wenn es um die Fähigkeiten ihrer Mitarbeiter geht. Kurse sind da steuerbarer, selbst dort, wo die Lernerfolge offen sind. Dieser Übergang von Kursen zu Communities, der sicherlich auch mit der Integration von e-Learning und Knowledge Management angesprochen ist, braucht sicher noch einige weitere Gedanken und Best Practices.
George Siemens, elearnspace, 30 September 2003

Siehe auch den Kommentar von Lilia Efimova und weitere Anmerkungen dort.

Zu Lilia habe ich folgenden Kommentar geschrieben:
„Just one more point: Today, a lot of companies are implementing learning management systems to track and monitor their learning activities. For the first time Learning & Development units will be able to provide their management with company-wide and up-to-date figures. Nothing sophisticated, nothing about learning success and performance improvements, just basic figures on days spent on training, training expenses, and so on. Often it took them months to convince their HR Board to invest in a new and innovative learning infrastructure and to believe in a business case promising a break even in 2005 or 2006. And now, once again, their learning experts are knocking at the door explaining that courses and programs are dead, and the future of learning will be in learning communities. I believe in every word George Siemens says, but we have to translate it into business terms; otherwise it will be an academic exercise. We have to prove that communities are not only good, but also practical.“
Jochen Robes • 10/13/03; 1:28:02 PM