Jochen Robes über Bildung, Lernen und Trends

What Works

Ein spannendes Gespräch/ Interview zwischen Jay Cross und Josh Bersin über das aktuelle e-Learning-Business. Zwei kurze Zitate:

„What’s new and important today?“

One hot trend is something we call Rapid eLearning. In the early days, (only a few years ago) developing eLearning was an elaborate, expensive, and time-consuming affair. We have found that e-learning programs fall into four natural categories – and two of these are what we call “informational” and “knowledge transfer.” For problems in these two categories it is not necessary to build elaborate, expensive courseware. It’s more appropriate to use Rapid eLearning to slash development time to a week or two.“ …

„There’s still a lot of confusing and hand wringing over LMS. You’ve developed them. Any advice for buyers?“

In our recent surveys we asked more than 5,000 people “what was the business issue that drove the purchase of the LMS” and for the first time the #1 answer was “centralizing information about all of our training so we can make decisions.” This means that one of the critical value propositions of the LMS is reporting and analytics – an area I am very focused on.“ …

Jay Cross, Internet Time Blog, 5 September 2003