Jochen Robes über Bildung, Lernen und Trends

The Learning Equation

Unter dem Stichwort „Linking Strategic Educational Development to Business Goals Equals Workforce Optimization“ fasst Accenture in diesem Artikel die Herausforderungen zusammen, vor denen Finanzdienstleister stehen, die Worten („Investing in our people is a top priority.“) auch Taten folgen lassen wollen. Die kritischen Elemente aus Sicht Accentures sind:

(1) Tight linkage between the company’s overall business goals and the organization’s HR and learning strategies.
(2) Concentration on enhancing employees‘ knowledge, and also on building capabilities—and focusing those efforts on the functions that can have the greatest impact on the bottom line.
(3) Streamlined HR functions that can support the workforce efficiently and cost effectively.
(4) Systematic measurement of the return of HR and learning investments and their impact on corporate performance.

Accenture („The Point“), August 2003