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Top ten tips for implementing e-Learning

Das e-Learning Centre ist vielleicht die Adresse, wenn es um Informationen zum Thema e-Learning geht! Fast jedes Stichwort wird hier bedient. Die folgenden e-Learning Tipps sind eine hilfreiche Guideline – und ein guter Aufhänger, wieder mal in den Archiven des Centers zu stöbern.

(1) E-learning is more than just e-training.

„Most training in organisations still takes place on a very formal basis using the traditional training object – the ‚course‘. However, it is now well recognised that something like 70% of learning actually takes place informally in organisations, i.e. not in the classroom nor working through an online course, but in everyday working life as employees carry out their jobs – finding out information, reading documents, talking to other colleagues etc. It is these kinds of informal learning activities that need to be supported and encouraged online. E-learning is therefore not just about e-training but also about information, communication, collaboration, performance support and knowledge sharing.“

(2) ‚Quick and dirty‘ works.
(3) Communication and collaboration are the key.
(4) The magic is in the mix.
(5) Learning should be driven by the needs of the individual.
(6) If you build it, they won’t necessarily use it.
(7) E-learning needs to be tailored to the organisation.
(8) E-learning is a business solution.
(9) Coordinate your e-learning efforts.
(10) Just do it!

Jane Knight, e-Learning Centre, August 2003