Jochen Robes über Bildung, Lernen und Trends

Lifelong Learning: A Survey Reveals the ICT Skills and Learning Preferences of Europeans

„Nine in ten Europeans think lifelong learning is important. But only 58% said they are able to use a computer, and very few think on open and distance learning to improve their skills. These are some of the results of a recent Eurobarometer Survey describing the learning patterns of Europeans.

The survey, called „Lifelong learning: a citizen’s view“ (pdf format), was commissioned by the Directorate General Education and Culture with the assistance of CEDEFOP. It was carried out between 15 January and 28 February 2003 in the 15 Member States, Norway and Iceland, and entailed more than 18,000 face-to-face interviews. In this article we summarize the main findings oh this study.“, 2 Juni 2003